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Okeechobee Chamber of Commerce

Mariah Parriott -- Office Manager

Join Us in the Center of it All!

Call: 863-467-6246

Crystal Wood
Business Development Specialist

My Living Magazine
Call: 772-418-4009

Ricardo Martinez

Bilingual All around handyman.

Flooring, Remodel, Decks to Roof.

Call for an appointment today.

Call: 863-467-7200

Notary & Immigration Assistance


All notary services and help with immigration and green card renewal.

Call: 863-532-9940

Home appliance repair service.

We repair all major brands of in home appliances, both foriegn and domestic.

Abby ( a live representative ) is ready to take your call

Call: (863)467-7200

Tobacco and Cigars Smoke Shop

Call: (863)632-6061

Purple Orchid Spa
Call: 863-824-8782

Notary Public

Suzzanne Carlson is a Florida Notary.

All notary services are provided, including Weddings.

Call: 863-458-1066

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